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About Us

At Hangslow we're committed to giving you the best beard or shave in the history of your face.
It's a good time to be a man. Big beards, fancy stache's, tough scruff or clean shaven. Each one has it's own merit and we're just happy to play a role in whichever you want to pull off. Our products use only premium, organic and all natural ingredients so you never have synthetic anything on you. Our collection of balms and oils perfectly moisturize,condition and style your beard. Our beard & body soap is a simple great fix for a guy who doesn't want too much hassle. If you want to get a little fancy with your mustache,we have wax to go to work for you. Want a close shave and feel like your skin took a vacation to moisturizer land? No worries. Our scents were perfected over a year prior to launch to get varieties that are completely unique to each other and allow you to pick and choose what you're feeling on any given day. We thank you for stopping by.
Quality grooming for men who give a damn about not giving a damn.
-Earl Hangslow
We are an animal cruelty free company. If plants have feelings, we apologize to you for taking your sweet, sweet nectar.